Unbroken Circle


unbrokencircleThis, amazing, show had more emotion than Texas has Republicans. The first act of Unbroken Circle by James Wesley will have your laughing out loud in your seat. With quick wit and amazing humor, supplied suddely by Eve Plum (as June) and in a fun-snarky way by Annika Larsen (Edna), this play keeps you panting for more. It isn’t until the second act that you realize that Wesley has been preparing you for an amazing emotional journey. With shocking revelations and unforeseen epiphanies this show will leave you with much to talk about on the trip home.

audience This show is great for everyone ages 14 and up (some adult material is presented)

cast an extended family

choreog none

instrum not a musical

light very basic lighting is needed

sets simple interior set – a living room, kitchen, bedroom

vocal not a musical

License this show

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