Hands on a Hardbody


A true American Musical, Hands on a Hardbody will keep your head bobbing and your feet tapping. With incredible music and a mega-talented cast, Hardbody leaves something to be desired in means of the story-line. While I appreciate the main focus (a bunch of people with their hands on a truck to win it) the secondary storyline (a suffering dealership) was weak and, in my opinion, not needed. Overall one heck of a show!

audience Great for everyone from pre-teens to adults, especially if you have a southern twang

cast large cast, several large featured roles

choreog moderate, can be as simple or complex as you want

instrum very fun! small to medium sized pit

light very basic lighting to more complex lighting

sets pretty much one single set – the parking lot of a car dealership, there are a few moments inside of the dealership – can be easily done with a desk rolled on

vocal great vocals to simple vocals, some really great moments!

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