Hands on a Hardbody


A true American Musical, Hands on a Hardbody will keep your head bobbing and your feet tapping. With incredible music and a mega-talented cast, Hardbody leaves something to be desired in means of the story-line. While I appreciate the main focus (a bunch of people with their hands on a truck to win it) the secondary storyline (a suffering dealership) was weak and, in my opinion, not needed. Overall one heck of a show!

audience Great for everyone from pre-teens to adults, especially if you have a southern twang

cast large cast, several large featured roles

choreog moderate, can be as simple or complex as you want

instrum very fun! small to medium sized pit

light very basic lighting to more complex lighting

sets pretty much one single set – the parking lot of a car dealership, there are a few moments inside of the dealership – can be easily done with a desk rolled on

vocal great vocals to simple vocals, some really great moments!

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The Nance

WOW! Douglas Carter Beane has really outdone himself this time. It’s as if this part was made for Nathan Lane! This beautiful and hilarious story tells of Chauncey Miles (Lane) and his love of men and burlesque. There is an emotional struggle that only Beane can walk you through. With amazing direction (Jack O’Brien) and an unbelievable set (John Lee Beatty) this is the play to see on Broadway!

audience This show is great for adults due to the subject matter.  I would consider bringing a high school class to see this after a historical discussion of burlesque.

cast mid-size cast, leading male with several large supporting roles

choreog moderate, while this is not a musical there is some music and dancing

instrum not a musical but has a few songs

light very basic lighting to more complex lighting – especially in the ‘show’ scenes

sets several sets – stage, backstage, apartment, etc.

vocal again not a musical but Chauncey sings along with a few other characters

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Big Bad

I had the pleasure of directing this show at a community theatre and then directed the musical version with middle school students.  This is such a cute play.  Involves a simple set (court room) and basic staging.  The show features many characters and gives everyone a chance to shine.

I’m a big fan of puppets and made the 3 little pigs puppets and it worked really well!

From The Publisher: Big Bad provides actors and audiences of any age with a smart and wickedly funny play that lets the audience determine the outcome of the play! The most notorious criminal in the fairy-tale world, Big Bad Wolf, is being slapped with a class-action lawsuit by the countless quirky characters he has wronged. Now, the two greatest legal minds in the Enchanted Forest — the Evil Stepmother and the Fairy Godmother — will clash (on live Court TV, no less, with Sydney Grimm as commentator!) in a trial that will be remembered forever after. As Little Red Riding Hood, her Grandmother, the Three Little Pigs and the Shepherd in charge of the Boy Who Cried Wolf testify, the wolf seems deserving of all that’s coming. But, even though the disreputable Evil Stepmother couldn’t be less interested in pro-bono work on such an obviously futile defense, Mr. Wolf makes a good case for himself. Was he born a criminal, or made one? Perhaps he does deserve compassion instead of condemnation? What will the verdict be? Only the jury — your audience — can decide, when the doddering old Judge invites them to determine the outcome of the trial… and the play! With minimal set and costume requirements and a good balance of stage time for each character, you’ll love the multiple endings that makes every performance unique!

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Unfortunately I wasn’t able to see Disaster on Broadway.  I had planned on seeing it when I returned to NYC, but it ended it’s run early.  The music on this recording is pretty fab.  It’s all 70’s hit with a musical theatre undertone.  I love it.  Perfect for working out (not that I do that) or to play in the background while your working (like writing this post!).  You should definitely give it a listen!

Some Highlights:

  • Without You – Adam Pascal … really, though!
  • Never Can Say Goodbye – the whole reason Jennifer Simard was nominated for a Tony!
  • I Will Survive – duh!

Unbroken Circle


unbrokencircleThis, amazing, show had more emotion than Texas has Republicans. The first act of Unbroken Circle by James Wesley will have your laughing out loud in your seat. With quick wit and amazing humor, supplied suddely by Eve Plum (as June) and in a fun-snarky way by Annika Larsen (Edna), this play keeps you panting for more. It isn’t until the second act that you realize that Wesley has been preparing you for an amazing emotional journey. With shocking revelations and unforeseen epiphanies this show will leave you with much to talk about on the trip home.

audience This show is great for everyone ages 14 and up (some adult material is presented)

cast an extended family

choreog none

instrum not a musical

light very basic lighting is needed

sets simple interior set – a living room, kitchen, bedroom

vocal not a musical

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